​​A Local, Consistent & Reliable Therapy Service Provider in Tucson, AZ

​Offering Excellent Pediatric Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy ​Jobs at Therapy Group of Tucson

​Pediatric ST, SLPA, OT, COTA, PT, PTA Therapy Opportunities

​Benefits of Employment

​​Therapy Group of Tucson, PLLC ​​

​Free Healthcare

​Enjoy 100% paid health, dental, and vision insurance

​​Paid Time Off

​Enjoy ​paid time off plus paid holidays

​Free CEUs

​Learn and grow with 100% free CEUs

​Excellent Environment

​People say that our clinic is like a "home away from home"


​401K + free match money available for full-time employees

​Ongoing Support

​Our ​friendly support staff help you provide the highest level of care ​

​Discover a Better Place to Work While Helping Others! 

​We are always looking for energetic, talented & fun therapists who want to change ​the lives of those they serve while ​advancing their professional development.

​​Are you looking for a supportive, fun and stimulating ​environment ​​that allows you to provide the highest level of care possible​? ​ Consider Therapy Group of Tucson.  We offer competitive pay, full benefits and ​take pride in offering the highest quality treatments in Tucson, AZ

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